Plan, Share & Get Things Done!

allthings is an easy to use and powerful cloud-based app designed to help you organise your personal and business life.

Create a list

Create/edit your list

Collaborative to do lists

Share and Collaborate

Real-time list updates

Real-time updates

Customisable task management interface


to do lists on all devices
  • Simple Task Manager or Complete Project Management

You decide how in-depth you go using the additional features, share it with others or keep it to yourself, apply deadlines, or assign it a priority.

  • Share and Collaborate

It's never been easier to create a list, share it with others and allow them to collaborate to achieve your goals.

  • Customisable

We want you to be able to personalise this to how you'd like it to look. Themes, colours and symbols to make your lists stand out.

  • Utilise it across all your devices

The key to a useful bit of software is that is can be used on whatever device you've got on you.

  • Real time updates

See changes as they happen. Be alerted by notification, e-mail or even a daily digest. You choose how you are alerted!

  • Easy and Responsive

We've worked hard to make this as intuitive as we can. It shouldn't take ages to understand and using it should be easy, not to mention fast and responsive!

Contact Information

We absolutely love to hear from our clients. Drop us a line, let us know how we can make allthings even better for you or your business.

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  • Team leader has complete visibility. Members know deadlines & responsibilities. And no-one works in the same place..
  • With the rise in displaced workforces & remote working, it takes a bit more effort to maintain great team performance.

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