We help marketing teams to plan and execute their work in less time, with fewer emails, spreadsheets and meetings.

Teams and individuals work more efficiently and collaboratively with allthings. You too can benefit from ‘at-a-glance’ visibility of who is doing what and when. Balance workloads, set deadlines, agree on priorities and communicate better as a team.

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Why do marketing teams use allthings?

“Adopting allthings has made our marketing team even more efficient. As a manager, I can see team capacity, switch tasks between colleagues and foresee any potential resourcing problems. It makes planning a whole lot easier!”

Caroline McClelland

Caroline McClelland
Senior Marketing Manager, LogicNow

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Frictionless planning and sharing

Say goodbye to slow, cumbersome planning using spreadsheets, complex tools and charts. Say hello to the fast and frictionless way to plan marketing work across multiple projects and teams.

Spend less time planning, and more time marketing.
Share your plans and collaborate with ease.

Plan and share work easily
Drag and drop multiple tasks to balance workloads

Easily balance team workloads

Are you looking for a tool that enables you to see what everybody is working on today, tomorrow and in the future? How about a tool that lets you change a deadline and alert the whole team instantly? Or something that allows you to move work between people using a simple drag and drop approach?

Well, look no further than allthings… Try it for free

A clear view of priorities, for everyone

Easily sort, prioritize and view upcoming work. Bring the urgent tasks into clear view for everyone. Categorize work in a way that makes sense for the whole team.

No more confusion, no more missed deadlines.
Just great teamwork.

See priorities at a glance
Screenshot: Custom fields

Enjoy true flexibility. Work your way.

Flexibility is what makes allthings different. View your work in many different ways. Customize tasks with your own fields (for example, add a ‘Channel’ field to see where the marketing effort really goes).

Why change the way you work to fit around a tool? Try the fast and flexible way to manage tasks, teams and time.


See progress at a glance

Easily create and share high level reports to demonstrate progress, check on long-term team productivity and demonstrate ROI.

Get a clear view of the performance of individuals – for example, see who completes the most high priority work.

Bring local and remote teams together

Communication is a challenge in any busy marketing department, but that challenge is made even more difficult when members of the team work across different offices or from home. Use of a visual tool like allthings will make a significant difference when it comes to planning work, day-to-day discussions about tasks and overall team performance.


We help teams and their managers turn chaos into control

As an agile team using Scrum ourselves, we are aware of the benefits that an agile methodology brings to software development. But using the wrong tool to manage an agile process prevents teams and their managers from both enjoying the process and seeing the benefits.

That’s where we come in, offering features created specifically to help teams like yours to streamline their work and their communication. We have created a tool that gets out of your way and allows you to get more things done.


Do you want to:

  • get a clear view of team workloads, priorities and issues?
  • organise your backlog and expose the high value work?
  • focus communication on work and minimize distractions?
  • view, sort and stack your data in many different ways?
  • finally discover a tool that’s the right fit for your team? 

Well, try allthings for free and see for yourself how it can increase productivity for your agile team.

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