What Are The 5 Best TED Talks for Productivity?

Everyone has their favourite TED Talk. Whether it’s an uber-famous Talk or it’s a really old one from back in the day – they sure are memorable. But they’re not just memorable – they’re also inspiring. So, if you’re facing the doldrums of the office on a Monday afternoon, tackling writer’s block for the umpteenth time this week or are stuck in a procrastination rut – these are the TED Talks for you right now. After all, TED is all about spreading ideas…

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How can I get my team engaged with allthings?


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Work is hard. There’s tasks to do, projects to complete and people to deal with. Having everyone singing from the same hymn sheet can help ease these processes and help get everyone in your team fully aware of everything that’s going on. When they’re testing the water with allthings, we’re asked by 100s of trialists each year: ‘what is the best way to get everyone on board with allthings?’. That’s why I’ve created this list to help you integrate allthings with your team as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

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Finding Your Zen: The Truth about Meditation in 2015

Have you heard of a man called Andy Puddicombe? If you haven’t, he’s a Himalayan monk-turned-entrepreneur who is helping revolutionize and provide meditation as medication to our main ailment: the 21st Century. With the ever present work-life balance challenge looming over us and the constant foray of messages and notifications beeping at us from everything electrical it’s not surprising that frazzled masses are turning to the art of mindfulness and meditation. But does it really work? Can you increase your productivity through mere sitting and concentrating? Or is it just the buzzword we’re hearing everywhere?

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The Only Productivity Tips You’ll Ever Need

One thing I learnt from my degree in English Literature was that all good stories must end. Unless you’re talking about Star Wars or Eastenders, two stories which, I don’t doubt, will continue indefinitely. And so goes my time at Allthings. The 15 months I’ve been here have been brilliant. From blog posts, podcasts, FAQs and technical documents, on the way I reckon I’ve learnt a thing or two about productivity. Someone – I can’t quite remember who – was recently talking about me and used the words ‘productivity’ and ‘expert’ in the same sentence. I kid you not. So, without further ado, here are the back-to-basics, bottom-line, end-of-the-day solid tips that, if used, result in untold levels of productivity.

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Content Marketing: Getting the Basics Right

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I went to the Content Marketing Academy in Edinburgh. Hosted by Chris Marr, this is the only content marketing workshop in Scotland and with all the hype, it was set to be an interesting two days. With speakers from all over the UK and a special workshop from Marcus Sheridan, it was more than interesting – it was a wealth of truly inspiring information. Here’s a rundown of the key moments and takeaways from Marcus’ workshop on the Thursday afternoon…

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Top 5 Task Management Tools

With time becoming an ever more sought after commodity, it’s no surprise that the interest in task and project management tools has grown exponentially. Here at Allthings, when they’re testing the water with task management, we’re asked by hundreds of trialists each year what other task management tools are out there and who are our competitors.

Never afraid to lay out all the facts and be completely honest with respect to competition, here’s a list of some alternative task management tools which have an established history in the world of productivity.

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How to Handle a Project Crisis in the Workplace

So you’re sitting there looking at your email, checking your calendar, you look at the clock and it’s last thing on a Friday and everything’s going swimmingly. Then, all of a sudden – you receive a little pop-up at the corner of your screen reading *URGENT- READ ASAP problems…* or somthing like that. (It’s even got the small read flag of death!) Then your world crashes down around you, as a crisis has been caused and you need to clean it up. Fast. How can these situations be dealt with?

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Don’t Eat The Marshmallow: Creating a Not-To-Do List

Did you hear about the kids who didn’t eat the marshmallow? Surely you have. Basically, there’s this famous psychological experiment that tested impulse control in children. It was conducted by Stanford University in the 1960s. The kids were presented with one marshmallow and told that if they waited and didn’t eat the marshmallow they would receive two marshmallows. If they ate it, they would only eat that lone marshmallow. The experiment showed that the children who resisted the marshmallow were happier, had better results at school and were generally more successful. But what’s this got to do with productivity?

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