CES 2015: The tech that can help you

Whether you’re at home, in the office or at the gym, the new gadgets shown at CES (Computer Electronics Show) can help you be more active, more productive and generally more efficient. There’s everything from smart belts to brain wave measurers, 3D doodling and beyond – we’ve selected the following tech which may help you get through your day that little easier…

For Your Health

Garmin’s Vívofit 2

Garmin’s stake in the fitness band market has always been unique. The original Vívofit offered an always-on display, featuring a devilish red line which gradually gets longer as more time passes while you’re inactive. To counter this, any form of exercise or activity will reset the line. The band also had a non-rechargeable but good-for-365-days battery. The new model possesses these features and boasts audible notifications which tell you when you’re being a couch potato. It’s also waterproof up to 50 metres and you can track your sleep patterns at night. Priced at $130.


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Qardio Connected Scale

This piece of tech, the ‘Qardiobase’ (or, scale) will measure and track your weight whilst providing smart feedback. You’ll be able to find out your BMI alongside body fat, muscle, water and bone composition. What’s really snazzy is the feedback feature. Instead of measuring the number of kilos lost or gained, the Qardiobase will present you with a smiley face, ‘meh’ face or disgruntled face so you can track weight without looking at any of those pesky –  and sometimes saddening –  numbers. It can be paired with iOS and Android. Release: Spring 2015.


Image via Tech Crunch

In the Office

Samsung’s SSD T1

Samsung has revealed a new data-storage product which is a similar size to a business card. The T1 can store up to a terabyte of content and can be plugged in via USB. You may be reading this and be thinking “Hardware? Pah! I’m in the cloud!” well, cloud or not, when it comes to lots of data, upload times can be painstakingly slow over wifi and that’s where the old fashioned method comes in handy. They come in various storages and will retail this month for between $179 and $599.


Image via Tech Crunch

Satetchi’s Shelf

Does what it says on the tin. It’s a shelf. But it’s a shelf with a solution. Satetchi’s product is in keeping with the iMac’s design and is made out of aluminum alloy. 4 USB 3.0 ports are now accessed from the front and the shelf can support up to 200lbs. This will save you time when trying to pop in your USB or charging cable. Plus, the added height may be more ergonomically suited to your liking.  Price: $70.



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At Home

LG Washing Machine

CES ‘15 was all about the washing machines. One of the most impressive was LG’s swanky machine that can wash 2 loads at the same time. This is achieved through a second mini washer underneath the main drum which pulls out like a drawer. The mini washer is designed for small and delicate items or for those occasions when you only need to wash a couple of things. Think of all the time you’ll save! Price: TBC


Image via BT

Canon Connect Station CS100

If the space around your TV isn’t already too littered with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Now TV and so on, then this could be the newest addition. If you’re wanting to show off your pictures on something other than a social media platform, Canon’s set-top box connects with your camera and allows you to view photos and videos. It has a 1TB hard drive alongside Wifi, NFC and a HDMI port. You’ll be able to view RAW formats and wireless transfer is quick. Price: $300



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At Leisure


Paper and pencils are old school. What you need now is the 3Doodler to channel your creativity. The tool (rather than pen) let’s you draw a 3D creation freehand in the air. It works by extruding heated plastic filament that cools almost instantly into a solid structure. the3doodler.com boasts that with the device you’ll be able to create lampshades, decorations and jewelellery. Could you imagine!? Think glue gun but more fun. Price: $75




These are powered skates which require the wearer to walk at a normal pace. The electric motors in the skates automatically start each time a foot makes contact with the ground. As a result, the wearer is propelled along at twice their normal speed (Segway, watch out). Now, they may not be winning any fashion awards any time soon, but if you want to save time walking and feel like you’re gliding around like a disney princess, these are for you. Interestingly, they’ve been in development for 8 years now and within the next few years you should expect to see them on the market for around €400. Start queuing now!


Image via Gizmodo

Which of these do you think would hinder more than help? Do you think any of them could live up to current gadgets and software? Let us know in the comment’s below!

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