How can I get my team engaged with allthings?


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Work is hard. There’s tasks to do, projects to complete and people to deal with. Having everyone singing from the same hymn sheet can help ease these processes and help get everyone in your team fully aware of everything that’s going on. When they’re testing the water with allthings, we’re asked by 100s of trialists each year: ‘what is the best way to get everyone on board with allthings?’. That’s why I’ve created this list to help you integrate allthings with your team as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Share Lists (any lists fun ones!)

Let’s get the ball rolling. Start with a project you and your team are working on and create a List for it. Put all of the necessary steps of that project into the List as Things and share the List with your colleagues. You can do this by selecting the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of every List. Add the email addresses of those you want to share the list with and click ‘Share’! (They don’t even have to be using allthings! – however, we do recommend that anyone with the same domain as you is added to your subscription for ease!) Click here to find out what happens when you share a list with someone who isn’t using allthings…

Use It or Lose It

Ok, so you’ve shared a couple of Lists and you’ve neatly organised, prioritized and assigned things to people – now level up. Add files and images to Things, mention people in comments and check out the Reports feature. Mentioning people in comments is a great way to get someone’s attention instead of sending an email. They’ll receive a notification in their allthings inbox which, once clicked, will take them directly to the Thing they’re mentioned in. Plus, with the release of the new Mobile app, they’ll soon be able to receive a notification on their phone.

Here’s a video detailing the reports feature…

Boycott Email

Ever heard that phrase ‘practise makes perfect?’ well, it kinda applies when getting everyone on board with allthings. I’m not saying allthings requires practice to use, but rather, like any new thing, once it becomes a habit, it becomes an indispensable force for productivity. If the transition to allthings is taking longer than expected because people are still emailing updates and documents to one another, try placing a permalink to the particular Thing in any emails on the subject. Then, make it clear in your correspondence that you’re making the transition to allthings for the majority of task and project-based communication. The less emails the better!

“Making a list, checking it twice…”

To get into the habit of using allthings, when you create your daily To-Do List, create a Thing at the bottom of your List which encourages you to continue using it. Once that task has been created, you can then assign it a deadline and a recurrence frequency so that it automatically reappears in a List every day. For example, it could be something like ‘Create tomorrow’s to-do’.

Point Them in the Right Direction

If you’ve had allthings for more than a week and your colleagues aren’t using it regularly, ask them why. They may have a question or find it difficult to use a certain feature. If this is the case, please get in touch – we’d be more than happy to help!

When your team are starting out with allthings, it can be helpful and time-saving for them to be able to answer any questions they may have. That’s why we’ve created our FAQ database and a selection of videos on our YouTube channel which can help answer any problems you may have. If someone requires further information then they can email support at

Get a Demo on The Go

Still unsure of how best your team can use allthings? Whether you want to get your GTD fix or you want to get your team using an Agile Methodology – we can help. We can provide you with a personalized demo tailored to you and your team’s needs.

Like point 5 says, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Let me know in the comments below any problems you have getting your team on board – I’ll get back to you straight away!

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