Love Windows, Love Apple – unite your devices and team

appple vs android vs windows
“One love, one device, let’s get together and feel alright” sang Bob Marley who, admittedly, was singing about hearts rather than devices, but it can be very difficult in the business world for people to get together – from different organisations especially – when everyone is working on different devices or operating software.

Recently it was reported that Windows market share (on laptops and PCs) had dipped below 90% for the first time since the mid-1990s1. Apple’s OS X remains far behind but has topped 8 per cent for the first time ever. Whilst Bill Gates won’t be losing any sleep just yet, it is interesting to note that in 2008, Apple OS X had a market share of just 3.75 per cent.

Get to mobile phones however and it’s a different matter. In the first three months of 2014, Windows Phone market share was 9.1 per cent, compared to 11.3 per cent at the end of 2013. Apple grew its share in the same period to 32.1 per cent and Android increased to 56.2 per cent. So, with four out of five people not using a Windows phone and with most people now using their smartphone as an extension of their workplace, for all its dominance in the physical office, there can be difficulties for people accessing MS documents, spreadsheets and information on the move on their iPhone or Android device.

The OS X / Windows divide is most notable for businesses dealing with design, marketing or other creative agencies of course. Whereas on the one side – usually the client – the corporate IT policy insists on PCs and laptops running Windows, the agency would rarely countenance having anything other than Macs for all their staff, not just the design studio. There would be a distinct loss of hipster credentials if they did.

A cloud-based app like allthings has been designed specifically for cross-organisational (and inter-organisational) collaboration in a world that is becoming ever more diverse in terms of how, when and on what device people need to access business critical information. Whatever operating software is run, whatever the internet-enabled device being used to access information, everyone working on or interested in a particular project can get 100% visibility and real-time status on every aspect of a project (right down to individual tasks) whenever they need to.

And by doing so, it brings people together who might very well be sitting in different parts of the same organisation, in different buildings, in different organisations altogether or even different time zones. So collaboration becomes easier, more effective and doesn’t require an expensive investment in new IT infrastructure.

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*1Source: data published by two web analytics groups, NetMarketShare and StatCounter, March 2014.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, April 2014