Why MSPs Are Turning to allthings to Manage Their Teams

 It’s been a funny old month or two here at Allthings HQ in sunny Dundee, and it’s driven me to write a Friday blog post. We’ve noticed that every month sees us onboarding more IT support companies or MSPs (Managed Service Providers) as they are more commonly referred to in the IT sector.

There may be a few things at work that are driving interest to trial our software. Namely, as IT guys, we all like to play with shiny new toys! In all seriousness though, after jumping in with both feet and presenting to a group of MSPs lead by my good friend Mr Tony Poole, from Synergy Technology it’s not a sector we chose to focus on.

For those that don’t know Tony, he’s a very straight-talking, no-nonsense type of guy. If he asks you to do something, it’s in your interest to get it done, a philosophy that stood me well at my time at HoundDog/GFI/LogicNow from 2005-2013.

It was during this pitch at a fairly early stage of our software’s development, that Tony brought my demo to a close with some good old honest feedback! “It’s not really for us David, it’s just another system to manage, and we’ve got plenty of them!” Tony then went on to say that we’d nail it if we could build an aggregator for all of their different systems! Needless to say, I left the room mildly deflated – even though he probably had a point and was just saying what everyone else was thinking!

So why are MSPs now starting to evaluate and, in a lot of cases, eagerly sign up to what we’re offering?

Let’s start with the ‘Why?’ And I guess in some cases the ‘What?’ too!

Allthings was started off the back of a very strong desire to get away from the constant pain of e-mail hell, being copied in left, right and centre to torturous e-mail chains – in a lot of cases, ones you didn’t need to be included in! The other thing we wanted to try and focus on was the management of tasks and how to do this more effectively within a team environment. Spreadsheets for projects and team tasks were rife and the pain this caused with it being held centrally on a server, only 1 person being able to edit at one time was phenomenal…

Sure, things have moved on somewhat, the ‘cloud’ and the SaaS options for collaboration tools are enormous. So, we started with what was a very simple list sharing app! It did exactly what we needed it to do. Everything starts as a list in some shape or form.

Having looked at the options out there, what became evident was that every solution out there was very prescriptive. Trello forces you to put your information into a board-like view, Basecamp was designed for agencies, I could go on… Whatever we came up with, it had to allow for a much greater degree of flexibility whilst following on from the HoundDog ethos of keeping it simple!

So, why are MSPs choosing to use allthings, when inevitably they have Helpdesk tools, an RMM platform and probably a few others?

Quite simply it turns out that allthings gives you a clear and easy to use solution, to manage your team, their workload, their time and easily track what’s going on in your company. allthings works with weekly tasks to large projects and you can even go a step further and share with your clients to keep them up to date!

Manage your own workload, have a team task list, prioritise tasks, assign them to others, comment back and forth on tasks in one place and make sure you’ve attached relevant documents to these tasks. It’s about keeping it easy for everyone in the company to use. Office manager, the Management team, and every employee in-between!

Give it a shot in your business and see what your thoughts are – we’d love to hear them!