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Create and share lists

Lists are the foundation of allthings. They enable you to easily manage a wide range of different projects and tasks, from large to small.

It only takes minutes to set up a new project. Folders and customization options help to keep things organised, even when there’s a lot going on.

Easily invite people to collaborate on projects. Multiple projects? Multiple teams? External resources? No problem for allthings.


Prioritize tasks

It’s vital to know what’s really important and what can wait. Especially when delegating tasks to busy teams.

See work from a priority point of view, at-a-glance.

Add deadlines and repeating tasks

Use the deadline option and get daily email alerts summarizing any missed deadlines. You can easily spot potential deadline clashes, work shortages and other common issues.

Recurring tasks or events that people need to be aware of? Easy with allthings!


Track time

Time tracking allows you and your team to plan more accurately. Record the actual time spent on tasks and compare with the estimations.

Comment, collaborate and share documents

Say goodbye to long email chains! Focus communication on tasks and ensure that the people who need to know about a task can easily see progress without searching for emails.

Easily share documents that relate to the task at hand, no need to use a separate service. Keep files and tasks together to stay organized. Upload attachments from Dropbox without leaving allthings.

Keep it simple and efficient with allthings!

Comment, collaborate and share documents

Search (and save the results)

Use the powerful search and filter tool to really focus in on what you need to know. Find tasks on certain projects for selected people. See everything you’re involved in next week. See how much time your team has been spending in meetings in the past month or year.

Discover real insights into the projects, tasks and people you’re working with.

Balance team workloads

allthings is ideal for people working within a team and those managing a team. Set your team capacity and individual capacities.

You can then clearly see who is doing what today, tomorrow, next week and beyond – and how long it is estimated to take. See who’s overloaded and who can help lighten that load on a project.

Balance team workloads
Group, stack and sort

Search (and save the results)

Use the sorting, stacking, filtering and search features to your advantage. Discover real insights into the projects, tasks and people you’re working with.

Multiple viewing options help you manage people and projects in a way that suits your optimal workflow. Discover a tool that fits around you, not the other way around! We’ve also got you covered if you manage your work using a popular approach or methodology to manage your work.

Customize tasks – create your own fields

One of the most powerful features of allthings is the ability to create custom fields on tasks, and then view work in a way that makes sense to you.

For example, you could add a ‘Product’ field to every task and categorise your work by product. You can then see which products are keeping your team busy and which aren’t getting enough attention.

Custom fields and views
Integrations example


You can now combine allthings with Evernote, Basecamp, Gmail, Google Docs, Slack and hundreds of other popular online tools. It’s easy, seamless and works automatically.

From sharing Dropbox files to creating tasks directly from emails, we make it easy to automate your workflow as much as possible. See example integrations

Branding and customization

Use your own logo and colours to brand allthings for your team and customers. You have the freedom to pick your own sub-domain as well.

Available as part of allthings Team.

Custom fields and views


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allthings is the flexible project management tool that helps you increase your productivity. Manage tasks, teams and time the easy way with the intuitive mobile, tablet and web apps. Whether you’re a project manager planning the workload of your team, a business owner creating a business plan, or just a busy person with too many to do lists, try allthings (free).

It’s a time tracker, a task planner, a team communications tool and much more.
Combine it with your favourite services like Dropbox, Evernote and Gmail to create the ultimate productivity tool.