We help agile development teams to power through their sprints.

Give allthings your projects, tasks, issues, deadlines and priorities. Let it transform how your team works and communicates. Benefit from ‘at-a-glance’ visibility of who is doing what and when.

It’s the easy way to burn through your backlog!

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Why do agile teams use allthings?

“allthings is an instinctive tool that quite simply streamlines projects. We have team members working remotely, so it’s so important that we have a project management system that is organized and agile. allthings keeps us all on the same page and moving towards our goals.”

Northern Arizona University

Maggie Hurst
Northern Arizona University

Flexible layout: Group, stack, sort and filter

Pivot your data in many different ways to get a clear view of priorities and roadblocks, at a glance. Ensure the whole team is doing the right work at the right time to meet milestones and get things shipped on time.

See priorities at a glance
Drag and drop multiple tasks to update their status

Save time – this is agile planning made easy

Spend less time managing your backlog and sprints, and more time working. allthings makes it easy to be efficient, with an intuitive interface and time-saving features like customizable templates and the ability to drag and drop multiple tasks. We give you what you need, get out of your way and let you get things done!

Use one tool for tasks, timescales, teamwork

Simplify and increase productivity by using a single tool to manage your teams, projects, deadlines and communication. With features being added constantly, allthings is the one tool you need for your software development teams.

See where the roadblocks are. Balance team workloads

Track tasks and issues

Stay up-to-date on the progress of tasks and issues within your project in a way that suits your workflow. Receive notifications about everything, a group of things or just individual things. Get a daily summary of what’s happening. Or receive live updates in your browser, on your mobile using the free mobile app or directly to your email inbox.

Manage all of your work

Take control of your work in all it’s guises – bug lists, project plans, Scrum plans, or simple checklists. If your project starts small but grows bigger, you can relax knowing allthings is ready to scale with you and help you manage large amounts of information, projects and people.


Bring local and distributed teams together

Communication is a challenge in most traditional agile environments, but that challenge is made even more difficult among distributed teams. Use of a visual tool like allthings will make a significant difference when it comes to stand-ups, day-to-day discussions about work and overall team performance.


Visibility of project progress

Use the built-in burnup chart to show sprint progress based on planned and completed work, or use burndown to focus on the work remaining. Easily create and share high level reports to demonstrate progress, check on long-term team productivity and demonstrate ROI.

Banish the backlog blues with a clear view of upcoming work

Easily sort, prioritize and view upcoming work. Use customizable tagging and filtering options to bring the highest-value stories and urgent tasks into clear view. Categorize work in a way that makes sense for the whole team. We give you flexibility without complexity!

Screenshot: Personalize and customize

Customize and personalize. Make it part of the team.

Personalize allthings with your logo and branding. Customize fields to categorize tasks in whatever way you need. Change what you see when you log in. Enjoy full control of what notifications you receive across desktop and mobile.

We help teams and their managers turn chaos into control

As an agile team using Scrum ourselves, we are aware of the benefits that an agile methodology brings to software development. But using the wrong tool to manage an agile process prevents teams and their managers from both enjoying the process and seeing the benefits.

That’s where we come in, offering features created specifically to help teams like yours to streamline their work and their communication. We have created a tool that gets out of your way and allows you to get more things done.


Do you want to:

  • get a clear view of team workloads, priorities and issues?
  • organise your backlog and expose the high value work?
  • focus communication on work and minimize distractions?
  • view, sort and stack your data in many different ways?
  • finally discover a tool that’s the right fit for your team? 

Well, try allthings for free and see for yourself how it can increase productivity for your agile team.

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