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Convert chaos into control. Watch the allthings video

Say goodbye to productivity killers!


End distracting
email chains

We've all experienced those endless and unproductive emails involving ... well, too many people! Let's get communication focused again.


No more plans in spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets for numerical data? Makes sense. But when it comes to crucial project planning, team collaboration can become a real issue.


Avoid communication breakdowns

"What exactly is the status of that project? Who owns that task anyway? What was the deadline again?" All questions that allthings can answer.

... and say hello to allthings!


From getting started with simple, sharable lists

  • Create and share a list in minutes
  • Start small, then add complexity when needed
  • Share and collaborate on tasks
  • Quickly and easily manage your workload
  • Prioritize and add deadlines to get things done

... to full integration of your complex workflow

Simple to use but seriously smart, allthings has everything you need to increase productivity on big projects involving distributed teams and a wide variety of tasks.

  • See at a glance who is doing what, and when
  • Track time and see where the effort is going
  • Balance workloads with ease
  • Use custom fields to see work from many points of view


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More reasons why 6,000 people and businesses rely on allthings


At-a-glance visibility
See everything you, your team or your department needs to do today or tomorrow, by next week or by next month


24-7 access to all you need to know
Access information about tasks and projects whenever you need it and get updated without having to wait for meetings, phone calls or emails


Complete mobility
Logon at work on a PC, Mac or laptop, or access information on the move via your tablet or smartphone


Instant expertise
Intuitive technology means that within moments of implementing this simple, effective tool, you’re already saving time and effort


Your information, your way
Use colors, symbols and themes to customize the app however you like and create a bespoke dashboard of exactly what you want to see on opening


An easier way to collaborate
Work more effectively and efficiently with colleagues in the office or at different sites, with contractors or suppliers

A small price for big productivity gains

allthings Free


Ideal for individuals managing their own workload

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allthings Pro

$3.99 / £2.49 / 2.99
per user per month

Ideal for individuals running a business

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allthings Team

$9.95 / £5.95 / 6.95
per user / per month

Ideal for managers and teams within a business

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allthings: the quickest, easiest, most effective way to get things done for you, your team, or your business 
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