Seven Easy Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

To each person, personal productivity may have a different meaning. This all boils down to what your main motivation in life is. You might consider it as the accomplishment of set goals and dreams.

For another, it’s completing daily tasks on their routine. Al in all it’s mainly about an accomplishment, no matter what it is, that means a lot to you. Once you’ve completed it you feel great and fulfilled.

What is Personal Productivity?

In life, for most people, being as productive as possible is a goal they have. You want to be as productive as you can. This way you accomplish all that’s meaningful to your life.

Every aspect of life aims at increasing productivity. In school, teachers want students to be more productive. At work, businesses want their employees to increase their productivity rate. More output is the main aim and this calls for a change in mindset.

People invest heavily in many tools and apps to help them learn how to increase their personal productivity. Businesses invest a lot of money for the same goal.

With more productivity, the output is increased making the company profitable and accomplished. If you want to be more productive in life then you should be an action-oriented person. Procrastinating for one should be a habit that you refrain from at all costs.

When aiming to become a more productive person, you must learn to be more time conscious. Do your best to account for every minute of your day.

It’s not only about completing the tasks you’ve written down, make sure they matter in your goals and dreams. Just doing anything that crosses your way that has no mean does little for your productivity levels.

Characteristics of a Personally Productive Person

Learning from others who have accomplished what you aim to attain is one of the best ways to learn. Read about all those personally productive people who inspire you. They have certain characteristics that drive them to accomplish their set tasks, goals, and dreams.

  • Focus on Important Tasks

In every list of tasks that you have, there are important tasks to do and those that are not as vital. Always strive to focus on those that matter the most.

Focus on Important Tasks

They are the ones with the most impact on your set goals. Most of your energy is best spent working to complete them. Afterward, you can sift through the ones that remain slowly.

This is not to say the other tasks are not important because they are. It’s putting your energy where it matters the most and getting as much output.

You even find performing those important ones first makes some of what remains obsolete. Peak productivity has to be your ultimate goal and this is best done when you focus on the main matters first.

  • Have an Idea Pad Near

When you are in the zone and at the peak of your productivity, your mind is completely focused. This is the best time to come up with new ideas. You find yourself momentarily distracted by a brilliant thought that pops into your head.

Make it a habit to have an Idea Pad near that you can swiftly jot down on. This way the idea is less of a distraction now that it’s not swimming around in your brain.

After you’ve written it down, put it aside and continue with the task at hand. Make it a habit of reviewing your idea pad after you’re done working. You might find these ideas have a bigger impact on your goals than you think.

  • Remove Distractions

Everyone has to deal with distractions at one time or the other. Usually, its things that don’t matter or you can put them off until later. A highly productive person can set aside unimportant matters easily and opt to keep focused on the tasks at hand.

It’s easy to get distracted and procrastinate on what we should do. Daily you must deal with the dilemma of doing what needs to be done or getting distracted. If you start permitting small distractions to win then slowly you find it hard to accomplish anything.

  • An Inspiration Source

Everyone gets demotivate at one time or the other in life. As a highly productive person, identify what inspires you the most. Make it a point of using that as your source of inspiration and motivation when feeling down. With your source of inspiration close, you prevent wasting a lot of time trying to get your focus back.

You are assured of a boost of energy both physical and spiritual. This way you remain on track and accomplish what you set out to do. Granted at times it’s hard to get out of the funk once you sink into it. But knowing what inspires you the most in life can help you overcome the funk faster.

  • Use Time Wisely

There are parts of our days we spend ding little than we are supposed to. How productive you are is a day depends on how efficient you are with your time. What do you do while comminuting to work? That one hour you spend at lunch, can you cut it on half and use one half for another task?

This in no way means spending all the time working because rest is critical too. But, you can optimize your time by using those moments in your day when you are less productive. It makes all the difference in helping you become a highly productive person. You can opt to have a half an hour lunch break and the remaining time spent reading an important book.

  • Work with a Timeline

Broad goals and dreams with no timeline are never accomplished. That is a fact of life. You can’t wish it to happen and not plan for it expecting results.

Work with a Timeline

To accomplish something worthwhile and become productive, set goals with a timeline. As you set a timeline, split it and the goal into a doable task. Write them down on a Goal Pad and start marking each that you achieve.

Write down what helped you accomplish it. This way you create a roadmap for the next goal and the one after that. Granted timelines are not perfect but they are important. You might not accomplish all the goals on time, but you are in the ballpark which is important for peak productivity.

7 Tips of How to be More Productive at Work

  1. One Task at a Time

Focus on working on one task at a time. When you have too many tasks you are juggling at once, you are not being productive. Peak productivity helps you give each task your best focus from start to finish. In this way, the results speak for themselves. When the focus is on multiple tasks then your productivity tanks and the output is of poor quality.

The best way is to focus on one or two tasks at most each time. Two tasks work when they are not the priority ones. Priority tasks need your undivided attention. You find yourself being more productive at work with great results that speak for themselves.

  • Handle Unavoidable Distractions

You are performing at your best and are completely focused on the task at hand. Then, a colleague pops into the office needing your assistance. If it’s an urgent matter help them right away. The faster you solve the issue the faster you get back to your work. Learn not to dismiss anyone who needs your help but ensure it’s a worthy distraction.

If all they want is to show you the latest cute cat video, laugh and politely let them know you’ll see it in a short while. In an office with other people around, it’s not possible to avoid distractions. All you can do is learn to manage them effectively so that they don’t eat at your time.

The reason you don’t dismiss a colleague in need is tomorrow it might be your turn. It’s important to have good office relationships with everyone working around you.

  • Make Tools your Best Friends

Innovations keep making work easier every day. Many new tools coming up that make your life much easier. You can accomplish your tasks faster and be highly productive as a result. Don’t be afraid of new technology or a different way of doing things. One way to be highly productive is learning to adapt. Change is inevitable and frowning at what is new only diminishes your productivity.

Now companies are learning to embrace working from home. Tools of communication are coming in handy more than ever now with self-quarantine. Not every member of staff is needed at the office so many are working from home. Meetings are being held on apps such as Zoom. You realize your level of productivity increases as you become accustomed to adapting to change.

  • Get Organized

A cluttered workspace is a contributor to poor productivity at work. Organize your desk, drawers, and office. Make it a place you enjoy working from and add personal touches that make it feel peaceful. Getting organized helps with your thoughts and actions. If you walk into a cluttered and messy office, you feel your thoughts get as twisted as the sight in front of you.

The opposite happens when the office is clean and neat. You notice yourself relaxing and the same happens to your mind. Come up with an office atmosphere that works for you. In case you don’t have your space, you can ask the manager to share the idea and make the workspace better. They are always inclined to listen to anything that boots office productivity.

  • Don’t Skip Lunch

Even when on a deadline, don’t skip your breaks. It might be at 10 o’clock tea time or lunch. Opt to cut that lunch break in half if you must but don’t skip it altogether.

Don’t Skip Lunch

That is the time your mind needs to relax and reconfigure. You might be stuck at one point in your task, step away from it for a moment then comes back. You find your mind has cleared and you can tackle it effectively.

More companies should understand this when talking about productivity. Some even go as far as denying employees’ weekends and vacation time which is wrong. A highly effective person knows the importance of taking a break now and then.

  • Complete Main Tasks First

Have a clear plan of how to tackle the main task each morning. Once you get to work, get the largest portion of work done then handle the rest. The truth is you are more productive first thing in the morning after a good night’s rest. Putting off the biggest part of your day to the end of it is not wise. By then your mind is tired and distracted focusing on home. You are less likely to handle it effectively and completely. Complete the largest task first then the rest will fall into place.

  • Overcome Procrastination

It’s easy to procrastinate, especially when you don’t want to do the task at hand. You find all types of excuses why you can’t do this or that. Learn what works for you to stop procrastination on its tracks. You can opt to use the 2-minute rule where you let the procrastination play out. Once the 2 minutes are up, get back to work.

Procrastination can be caused by several reasons but the main ones are fear and low energy. Find the root cause of your procrastination and tackle that. Why are you afraid to complete that specific task at work? What is the worst that could happen if you fail? Can you ask someone for help? Answering this helps you immensely.


High productivity is crucial in your life be it at home or work. Learn what personal productivity means then implement it in your life. You can choose to learn from others who are your role models. By doing so, you start living your best life. With the 7 strategies on how to be more productive at work, you realize you can be more effective. Who knows, it might be how you get that promotion you’ve been eyeing for some time now!