How to Increase Productivity with Trello? A Step-by-step Guide

Everyone should strive to increase their productivity. Unfortunately, none is born being 100% productive in life so this is a skill you must learn. It’s important to find a method that works effectively for you helping you become the most productive self you can be. Some experts debate on which one works best but time has proven them wrong in one way or another.

What is Trello?

Out of all the productivity applications available, one that continues to stand out is Trello. It’s one of the most user-friendly and fun applications around productivity that helps people be better overall.

Trello - main page

Once you pick it as the one to use for your collaborative tasks at work, you are in for an adventure. It’s characterized as an app that makes use of Kanban features. Kanban is a type of software best known for monitoring a work cycle from start to completion.

Once you make use of Trello boards, then you can opt to collaborate with others and share. It can be an easy app to use but those who require more complex features are in luck. Add more features as per your needs to get the best out of your team.

Getting Started on Trello

Every work scenario suits Trello be it working at the office or home. It’s flexible and accommodating to any work scenario producing effective results. You can choose to use it for strict work-related matters or personal ones. Trello can be complex therefore it’s important to start by studying how to use it effectively. A step by step guide comes in handy starting you off on the right foot.

Once you get a hang of it, your team will swing into efficient collaboration increasing productivity and output. To start, learn about the Trello Board that has 4 components that are vital to the whole operation. They are limitless in terms of possibilities to apply them and are:

The Boards

When you open board on the Trello app, you get a space to write down all relevant information on the project the team is undertaking. No matter what the content of the project is, it all gets laid down on the board. The tasks are written down clearly for all those in the team to view and collaborate.


The Lists

Cards (C) are kept on lists and are arranged in the stages each passes through. They create a flow in the work by moving the cards across as they progress. You can use it as the place you track all the ideas shared. Add as many lists as you want

Cards (C)

The card is the most significant part of a board on Trello. They are where you store all the relevant information and ideas generated by the team working in collaboration. Each card is customizable to fit as much information as is required.


The menu is situated on the right-hand side of the Trello board and acts as the control center. Here you keep track of all the members, filter through all opened cards, use the control settings, and allow power-ups. The menu’s activity feed shows details of all the work done on the Trello board.

Creating a Job Board

A job board is the most relevant part of any Trello application and without it, there would be little accomplished. Here you can organize the project, share relevant information, and get down to working to accomplish set goals. All those added to the board get to understand what is required and the course of action to take. Each board has cards and lists on it.

To create a board:

  • Start by launching the Trello application on a platform and get on the relevant team board.
  • Once on it, navigate to the top right corner and click on ‘Create New Board’ which is represented by a + sign. Select ‘Create Board’.
  • Give the board a name relevant to what the project is about.
  • Proceed to add lists on this board.
  • Click on ‘Add List’ to create the initial list on your job board. Make the name of the list as simplistic or complex as you want.
  • You can opt to add many lists depending on how many suits your flow of work
  • Next comes adding Cards for each list on the board. Click on ‘Add Card’ starting with the initial list you created. The best tip here is to make card titles small for easy management.
  • After creating the cards, add information in it to give the team a better understanding of what should be done.
  • Relevant card information includes the date each is due, relevant descriptions, checklists among others.
  • Start inviting members to join this collaboration with each assigned a task. Click on ‘Invite’ on the board and choose the members to include. You can also opt to add them by using their email addresses.
  • After inviting all the people involved in this collaboration, change the privacy settings accordingly. You can opt to make the board Private, Teal Visible or Public. In this case, the most relevant setting is Team Visible.

Power-up Productivity

Trello is adaptable and can be used in collaboration with other apps to boost productivity. Get all the information from these apps and store them on the Trello board.

It’s the best way to centralize all your information for easy access by all team members. This is the purpose of a Power-up that can also be used to customize all the cards and make the board automated.

Adding power-ups to your Trello boards is not a complex process:

  • Head to the board menu and click on ‘Power-up’ which opens its directory.
  • Select the power-up you want to add to the board and click on ‘Add’
  • Next, you should edit the settings by clicking on the gear icon that follows the add button.
  • Proceed to open a Trello card and click on ‘New’ to commence adding information in the power-up.
  • This makes the Trello board the best application to use with power-ups and get as much done. It automatically boosts productivity.

Creative Ways to Apply Trello to Boost Productivity

After understanding how to set up Trello, it’s important to know where it’s best applied at work or in your life.

Daily Tasks

Whether at work or home, some tasks or chores must get done daily. These tasks play a vital role in your day-to-day. It’s best to have them written down and organized for better coverage.

Having them in your mind is not effective as some are always forgotten. Having the tasks on a Trello board makes it easier to track what is done and what is pending. This way you always know that comes next.

Tracking your Time

One of the most important parts of productivity is tracking time. If you can account for the better part of your day then you can become more productive. It means each moment is spent doing something beneficial. The best way to track your time with Trello is to connect it with another application better suited for time management.

Another great way to track your time with Trello is to plan weeks. This way you stay as productive as possible for a long time. Some tasks are recurring and are the first to be added on the board.

Follow this with those set for certain dates to not skip any important day. It’s easy to make changes on the board in case of a change in plans along the way. Additions and subtractions on the lists are made for better efficiency.

Customized Boards

Make sure all the boards you create are relevant to your needs to enhance productivity. Let each list be a reflection of how productive a day you can have. It takes time to perfect this part but with practice, you get better.

You tend to be less anxious and stressed once the lists are set up. You always know what needs to be done and even set up Trello as your desktop image with the open board.

Having Trello displayed on your desktop monitor is the perfect way to track your progress each day. You can see how best to tackle each task booting your productivity. Decision making will be fun and easy now that you know what is required of you at every step.

Plan a Big Event

Whether it’s a workplace event or a personal one, Trello comes in handy when planning it. Events have so many details that should be addressed and more often there is a team in charge.

Creating a Trello board for such a huge undertaking ensures all areas are covered and assigned accordingly to each team member.


Getting organized by fully incorporating Trello to your day is the best way to boost productivity. Being disorganized leaves a lot to fall through the cracks lowering productivity.

It’s a simple application but takes time to master how to use it before you get started. This way the team starts off on the right footing and makes a lot of accomplishments.